Year 6 recently had a visitor for a drama workshop related to their World War Two topic – here is what he had to say about Longthorpe School:

Hello Longthorpe Primary School!


I was at your school on Friday 16th November delivering our Kindertransport workshop to year six! What a day!!!


I’ve been making, developing and delivering this workshop for a very long time. I am immensely proud of it and I am a big believer in the messages that it passes on to participants.


On arrival at your school, in the reception area, I noticed some words up on the wall. ‘Learning to learn!!’ I thought to myself, ‘…today could be a good day!’ as, this one of the messages that flows right through this workshop that I deliver.


In the words of Dr. Martin Stern – we must ALL learn how to learn the skills we need to stop our human race being its own worst enemy!


First of all, the year six teachers were extremely welcoming! And I find that when that happens, it nearly always is extended by the young people. And when I say ‘welcoming’ what i really mean is ‘open minded!’


The workshop I delivered on Friday was the best version of it I have ever delivered. And that is because the young people completely got what we were moving towards.


We deliver in a different style as we create an environment of confusion and provide provocation that is designed to produce an emotional response to the work. The end result is that the participants discover their own way back to wellbeing!


It is clear that this ethos flows through your school.


I don’t see ‘Growth Mindset’ (although it has been around for a while) being taught and embedded into our existing cultures in many schools. At your school, it is clear! And the young people (all of whom I felt were allowed their individuality and personality) had clearly grabbed this idea in their own way! They are all on such wonderful journeys and I wanted to say that I have felt lighter ever since!


We had such wonderful conversations about really meaningful things!


Thank you longthorpe! See you again in a few weeks time when we will deliver workshop 2!


Kindest regards,


Mark Curtis

Small Nose Productions