From Monday 11th – Friday 15th June 2018, Longthorpe School took part in the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week. As part of their learning about a healthy diet, the children were set a different challenge for each day:

  • Monday: Have breakfast – have a healthy breakfast!
  • Tuesday: Have 5 a day – eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables!
  • Wednesday: Drink plenty – have at least 6-8 drinks!
  • Thursday: Get active – move more, sit less!
  • Friday: Make a change – set a goal to make a positive lifestyle change that lasts!

The children had the opportunity to try a number of different healthy foods throughout the week, such as sugar free cereals, fruits and vegetables, and fruit infused water.

As part of Thursday’s challenge, the children took part in a ‘Get Active’ hour, where they could choose to take part in any activity offered, with options such as parachute games, bean bag rounders, ‘go noodle’, yoga, gardening and many more! The children took part in an activity for 20 minutes, then when the bell rang they could try something different.

Overall, the week was a huge success, with children reporting back their findings regarding the traffic light system on food packaging, and some children have been seen to be snacking on fruits and vegetables they previously had not tried or did not like!