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Books by Julia Donaldson

Peter and the Wolf

Chinese New Year

People Who Help Us

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Key Subject Focus

Literacy: Writing – Writing phonetically by segmenting words into phonemes and knowing which graphemes to use. Using tricky words in sentences. Beginning able to hold and retain a sentence in our head for writing. Increasing ability to write sentences unsupported that can be read by self and others.

Literacy: Reading – Show an understanding of key story elements by sharing stories. Making predictions about stories and beginning to be able to recall. Consolidation of our SFA phonemes. Beginning to read simple words by sight and recognising tricky words that cannot be decoded. Beginning to be able to read and understand simple sentences. Making inferences using picture clues and word knowledge.

Maths – Knowing the names and order of days of the week and months of the year. Using vocabulary linked to time –today, yesterday, tomorrow, next week. Counting 1:1 to 20 forwards and backwards and from a different starting point. Number recognition to 20 and knowing which number is missing. Using concrete objects to develop confidence and ability with simple addition and subtraction. Using mathematical language to describe the characteristics of 2D and 3D shapes.

Expressive Arts and Design – Role playing as characters from our stories and people who help us. Continuing to develop our painting and drawing skills through a variety of stimuli and media. Listening and moving to different music. Understanding how feelings can be represented through music.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Sharing and turn taking. Continuing to follow the class rules and routines. Having empathy with our peer’s feelings and knowing that some behaviour, actions or words may not be nice. Talking about making the right choices. Recognising others need for help and offering support.

Physical Development – Being able to hold a pencil and form letters correctly. Using scissors with increasing dexterity and accuracy. Developing hand-eye coordination throwing and catching a small ball. Moving with increasing speed and awareness of self/ others in space. Discussing healthy eating during snack and lunch time. Greater awareness of healthy choices. Understanding of how exercise effects body. Dough gym. PE and Go Noodle for gross motor development.

Understanding the World – Awareness how different people and occupations can help us. Discussing seasons and weather. Recognising and describing special times or events for family or friends – Chinese New Year, Mother’s day and Easter. Understanding that technology is all around us and not necessarily a mobile phone. Looks closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change.

Communication and Language – Using Pobble 365 to expand our vocabulary and sentence stem for questioning each other and answering questions. Listening to others respectively and valuing their opinion. Being able to articulate their thoughts and opinions during whole class and small group discussions.

Reception Work