Key Term Topic

Starting school and All about me

We discuss class rules and routines. Getting along together. What makes us different, our families and likes/dislikes.

Nursery rhymes and Number songs

We will have a Nursery rhyme character dress up day. We will explore different nursery rhyme to develop phonological awareness in preparation for reading and writing.

We will also explore different nursery rhymes from different cultures and countries.

Number songs help explore numbers, counting forwards and backwards, and predicting one more/less.

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Please see the below YouTube videos for help with pronouncing sounds:

Key Subject Focus

Literacy – We will be starting to teach the children SFA phonics, segmenting and blending for reading and writing. Tricky words, ‘the,to,no,go,into,I’ will be taught.

Maths – 15 minute maths teaches the children days of the week, months of the year, patterns, the concept of odd and even numbers. We will count one-to-one and recognise numbers.

Art – Painting self-portraits, drawing our self, printing, cutting skills, There will be ongoing art activities in our continuous provision related to key tasks the children will be learning and related to topics.

Technology – themed activities on learning pads, opportunities to video each other at play.

Music – exploring sounds and rhythm.

RE – Diwali and Eid.

PE – developing our gross motor skills through moving over, under, around equipment. Playing evasion games to develop our proprioception. 

PSHE – This is ongoing as we learn to respect others feelings. We will be talking about how to be kind to each other and to listen to adults.

Science – will be explored through cooking and the changing seasons.

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