Key Term Topic

Are superheroes real?

Our topic this term is all about investigating whether superheroes are real! We will be looking at superheroes used in comic books, their illustrations and speech bubbles used in them. We are then going to be designing our own superhero including what it’s superpower will be. We will be designing their costumes with a focus on looking at suitable everyday materials. The second half of the term, we are going to question whether these superheroes are real. We are going to be looking at the police, fire service and ambulance service.

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Key Subject Focus

Literacy – Alongside the writing in SFA, we will be focusing our writing on superheroes. Children will be writing up research on superheroes, their own comic books and writing instructions for a superhero to get to a destination of their choice!

Maths – In Maths we are focusing on place value, addition and subtraction. Children will be understanding the value of tens and ones through concrete, pictorial and abstract representations. They will then use this knowledge to support their learning of adding and subtraction numbers.

Art –  Children will be looking at the work of Andy Warhol. They will use the influence of Pop Art to illustrate their comic books.

Computing – This term children will be learning to stay safe online. They will then be creating their own safety rules. They will also be using Beebots to learn about programming.

DT – Children will be making a superhero cape after exploring everyday materials in Science.

Geography – We are going to be looking at the four countries within the UK and placing them on a map. We will also be looking at the different continents across the world.

History – Children will be learning about local people and how they have influenced the city of Peterborough.

RE – We are going to be looking at special people in different religions. We are then going to think about people who are special to us. Later on in the term, children will be researching and learning about the Easter story.

PE – In PE children will be learning about different movements, through dance.

PSHE – In PSHE, children will be learning about different diversities and communities.

Science – We are going to be looking at the properties of different everyday materials. They will also be going to the woods and observing the changes from Winter to Spring.

Year 1 Work