Key Term Topic

What Makes Africa Amazing?

Our Autumn term topic begins with an exciting visit to see The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in London! Throughout the topic, we will explore what life is like in Africa, find out how life in African countries is different to ours in the United Kingdom and discover the wonderful wildlife that lives there.

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Key Subject Focus

Literacy – narrative work based upon the Lion King, including character descriptions and sequencing. We will be writing a critic’s review of the theatre show. We will also be producing some non-chronological reports about African wildlife as well as letters and diary entries.

Maths – We will be focusing on the place value of two digit numbers. Children will be learning to represent two digit numbers in a variety of ways, including using Dienes Apparatus, Numicon, arrow cards and pictorial representations. We will be applying this learning as we begin to add and subtract with two digit numbers.

Science – We will be looking at habitats and food chains. We will be looking at key topical vocabulary such as predator, prey, carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. We will look at how African animals such as giraffes and lions are adapted to survive in their habitat.

Geography – We will be able to find, locate and name the World’s continents and oceans. We will be learning about the physical geography of Africa and making comparisons with that of the United Kingdom.

Art – We will be producing some tradition African art using a variety or media, including pastels, water colours and pencils. We will also be creating some Modroc African masks and clay pots in keeping with our topic.

Computing – We will be learning to use Word to create Word Art as well as copying and pasting images into a document from the internet. We will learn how to change the size and colour of font too.

Music – We will be learning about pitch and rhythm as we learn African songs and explore making sounds with drums.

PE – Inspired by our visit to the theatre, we will be learning some African dances and be able to perform these in front of an audience. We will explore the ways our bodies move and the shapes we can make. We will explore different ways of travelling around a space as well as developing our posture and balance.

PSHE – Friendships, Rules and Responsibilities. We will be looking at what makes a good friend and discussing and setting rules for our new class. We will be using role play to explore rights and morality, including poaching in Africa.


Year 2 Work