Key Term Topic

Was Captain Scott’s Expedition to the South Pole a Success?

This half term, we will be looking at Captain Scott’s expedition to the South Pole and drawing conclusions as to whether it was a success or not. We will be looking at Antarctica in terms of a habitat and comparing its climate to that of other climate zones across the world.

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Key Subject Focus

Literacy – A diary entry from Captain Scott, a letter from the tent to Kathleen Scott, a written recount of the expedition.

Maths – Place value, addition and subtraction, missing number problems.

Art – Colour mixing using water colours.

Computing – E-safety.

DT – Polar animal hand puppets.

Geography – Climate zones across the world.

History – A significant person from history.

Music – Singing.

RE – Islam.

PE – Gymnastics.

PSHE – Teamwork and working together collaboratively.

Science – Investigative science: properties of materials.


Year 2 Work