Key Term Topic

Will Elephants Be Around When I am Older?

We will be looking at the problems faced by African elephants in regards to poaching. The outcome of our topic will be a fundraiser where we will be raising money for and awareness of Born Free.


We will be exploring the continent of Africa in terms of its physical and human geography and the animals that can be found living there. We will explore food chains and life cycles of animals.


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Key Subject Focus

Literacy – Alongside SFA, we will use some time in the afternoons to do some writing based on our topic.

Writing letters asking for fundraiser donations

Non chronological reports about African animals

Labelling and captions

Writing letters to the charity to inform them of our work

Maths – Both year 1 and 2 will be covering number and place value and addition and subtraction within the first half term. This will involve lots of work with concrete resources such as cubes, counters and tens and ones.

Art – African silhouette landscapes

Using chalks on black paper to create

Colour mixing with water colours

Computing – logging onto a computer

e-safety and passwords

used Google to research animals

Beebots on the world map

DT – Salt dough pots

Pasta jewellery

Geography – locating Africa on a map

Looking at Africa on Google Earth

Music – listening to African drumming

beat and rhythm

Learning songs to the Lion King

PE – African dancing to the Lion King

PSHE –  working as a team and problem solving by working collaboratively.

Science – life cycles of animals

understanding the vocabulary of carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, prey and predators.


Year 2 Work