Key Term Topic

Forces and Magnets. Volcanoes.

How do magnets work? What materials are magnetic?

Where are the major volcanoes in the world? What causes a volcano to erupt?

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Key Subject Focus

Literacy – Writing a character description. Writing own versions of stories. Drafting, editing and final version of a poster and leaflet to raise awareness of impact of volcano in Indonesia.

Maths – Addition and subtraction using concrete materials and written methods. Fractions: finding equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions. Capacity. Telling the time to 5 minutes. 3,4,and 8 times tables and linked division facts.

Art – Volcano paintings.

Computing – Researching volcanoes. Using beebots.

DT – Making 3D models of volcanoes.

Geography – Where in the world are the major volcanoes located?

Music – Learning songs about volcanoes. Composing volcano music.

RE – How different religions mark major life events: birth, death, marriage.

PE – Team building games. Dance.

PSHE – Thinking of others. Being a compassionate class mate. Staying safe on the internet.

Science – Conducting an experiment on magnets. Cauldron chemistry show at Thinktank museum.


Year 3 Work