Key Term Topic

Plants a Plenty!

  • Exploring plants through sorting, classifying and dissecting.
  • What makes the most effective root?
  • Learning about the 7 living processes that all plants do.
  • How can we prove that plants are pollinated?
  • How can we prove that stems transport water
  • How do plants survive in hot/cold temperatures?
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Key Subject Focus

Literacy – Writing a narrative based on “Honey I shrunk the kids!” Recount of sleepover and trip to Ferry Meadows.

Maths – Place value, four number operations, fractions, word problems.

Art – Printing leaves. Famous artists: Van Gogh

Computing – Database about plants

DT – Pneumatics: making a model of a plant growing

Geography – Field work: sketch map of Ferry Meadows

Music – Learning new songs in singing assembly

RE –  Births, deaths and marriages

PE –Team games: rounders. Dance: Go Noodle

PSHE – Medicine

Year 3 Work