Key Term Topic

Only Rain Down the Drain

The children will be taking a close look at what ‘Only Rain Down the Drain’ really means. They will be exploring and researching the problems associated with river pollution, focusing in particular on the potential risk to the River Nene. The children will be leading their own projects to either create a solution to the problem, or at least an area associated with it, or finding ways to create a real awareness of the issue and what can be done about it.

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Key Subject Focus

Literacy – The children will be further developing their grammar skills, looking in particular at the use of apostrophes, commas and punctuation for parenthesis. They will be creating a narrative from different viewpoints which engages their reader and creates an atmosphere. In addition, they will be creating a biography on Monet, looking into his life and the best way to present this information.

Maths – This half-term the children will be revising the formal written methods for the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children will also continue to develop their understanding of fractions, exploring; equivalent fractions, improper and mixed fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and multiplying a fraction by a whole number. Furthermore, we will be solving problems involving measures (including conversions) and be learning about capacity and volume.

Art – The children will be using Claude Monet as their inspiration for the term. They will look at his impressionist styles as well as looking very closely into the way he used light to reflect of surfaces in his paintings. They will be recreating some of Monet’s paintings as well as using his style to create a watercolour of the River Nene.

Computing – The children will be using Scratch to program. They will work in groups to develop different commands within their program, including repetition. They will explore the use of direction, movement and sound within their programs.

Geography – The children will be improving their map skills and locating the countries within the world as well as the cities within the United Kingdom. In addition, they will compare the landscape of two cities which have rivers in them.

Music – The children will be working in groups to explore the Water Cycle and how this can be represented through music. They will look at each stage and decide the tone, pitch, tempo and volume which would be most appropriate to represent them.

PE – Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Science – The children will be exploring different lifecycles within their local environment. They will look at each stage and compare complete and incomplete metamorphosis. In addition, they will look at the water cycle, focusing on each stage and the transition between each for example from ground water, the evaporation which causes the formation of clouds.


Year 5 Work