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Longthorpe Primary School provides for the needs of children within the 4 to 11 age range and is its own admissions authority. The agreed admissions number for class groups is 30, with the overall school total being 420 pupils (2 form entry). These totals may only be exceeded if particular circumstances arise.

The first priority is given to looked after children, a verified medical need relating to a child, children living within the catchment area and siblings. For further information please click on the links below:

Admissions Arrangements Sept 2021

PCC Guide to School Admissions 2021-2022


How to Apply

For all admissions, parents should apply using the Local Authority’s Online Portal. Application forms must be completed and returned direct to the City Council

For further information, please visit the PCC Admissions website.

To apply, please click here


Appeals Procedure

We strongly advise that prior to submitting an admissions appeal you read the school’s oversubscription criteria.  The Local Authority manage our appeals and will prepare guidance for parents and relevant children about how the appeals process will work and a named contact who can answer any inquiries parents may have about the process.

An Independent Appeal Panel meets to consider appeals from parents/carers who are unhappy with their school allocation.

For further information on how to appeal and the appeal timetable please click here.


Reception (Foundation Stage) Intake Procedure

At Longthorpe Primary we undertake a gentle process of helping your child adjust to school life so that it is as happy and calm as possible.  The children are divided into two groups and each group starts school on a part-time basis, attending either the morning or afternoon session. This gives the Reception (Foundation Stage) staff time to be with the children, spend time helping them to adjust to their new situation and to assess their stages of development.

As each group settles, the children are invited to stay for lunch. This can be a very distressing time for some children, overwhelmed by the number of children who eat their dinners in the school hall. Teaching staff stay with the children to reassure them.  After a short time, children start full-time (provided that they are ready). The majority of children are in full-time attendance before the October half-term.


In Year Admissions

Children often start school at times other than Reception (Foundation Stage) or beginning of the academic year. In the event of this happening with your child, every effort is made to make you and your family welcome and to make the transition to the new environment as smooth as possible. Please contact the school if you have any anxieties about your child.