On 12th and 16th March, Reception and Years 2-6 visited the Think Tank Museum in Birmingham.  Teachers were extremely proud of all the children who were very well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed their fun packed day, fully immersing themselves into all the activities on offer.

What the children learnt and saw in their own words …

“On Friday 16th March 2018, my class and I visited the past, present and future of science at Think Tank. We visited the marvellous museum because it was Science Week. On Friday morning, we had to wake up at 6.30am because it takes a long time to go to Birmingham. We all set off on different coaches and it took 2 whole hours to arrive at Think Tank. We wanted to learn scientific information and make some new discoveries.”  By Nimra


“First we entered the colossal building to put our bags and coats away. Then we walked up the stairs to see the human body exhibit. The first object I saw was a brain!  A full sized grown up brain!  I learnt that a grown up brain is the size of a melon!!!”  By Saira


“Then we moved to a disease section where we learnt about cancer and DNA, which was fun. I saw a fossilised crocodile. Then we moved to an engine section where I learnt how a steam train works.” By Evelyn


“After completing the health side we moved over to the creature exhibit where we could see a dinosaur fossil and there was ammonite. There was also a massive deer fossil that could be as big as a dinosaur fossil or bigger. My favourite exhibit was the health exhibit because you can write down how everything works. If you were studying to become a nurse, vet or doctor you would get almost A+ every time.”  By Kian

“I learnt to never to go over 5 hours of exercise a day because it can make you seriously ill. Did you know baby hares (Leverets) are about 0.4cm?” By Declan 

“I saw that all the games were based on modern and future science discoveries. My favourite bit was the science garden. I also loved the animal area.”  By Harry