On 23rd and 24th November, our Year 3 and 4 children had a fantastic visit at the Van Hage Ice Rink.  Mrs Theakstone and Mrs Freemantle (Year 4 Teachers) and Mrs Beeby and Miss Mann (Year 3 Teachers) were extremely proud of the determination shown by all of the children and the amazing progress they all made on their skates!  For many of the children it was their first ice skating experience.

Ice skating was very fun because it was my first time.  I was scared when I was inside but I loved it when I got on the ice rink and I fell over 9 times or more.  I held on to the side, then got a penguin and I did it myself for the rest.  It was my first time but it was amazing!

By Imani 

“If you go ice skating in Van Hage Garden Centre in Peterborough you will have an amazing time!!!   You will have an opportunity to have skate aids. It is enjoyable because not only do you have fun with friend’s but you also learn to skate!”

By Aamina

We are grateful to Van Hage for hosting our Year 3 and 4 children and to the marshals and staff who were helpful, gentle and encouraging!