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Our Curriculum

We aim to make the Longthorpe learning experience rich, varied, challenging, inspiring, stimulating and inclusive. We have very high expectations and strive to achieve excellence for all.  We believe that all children are special and we work hard to provide an accessible and stimulating curriculum which caters for the diverse needs of all our pupils.  

In planning and delivering our curriculum we seek to promote a positive attitude towards learning and an awareness of learning traits as a basis for lifelong learning. Children will learn the needed skills to be literate, numerate and proficient in computing as well as being creative and having the capacity to work alongside others.

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The following subjects are taught through the United Learning Curriculum: Science, History, Geography, Religion and World Views and Art and Design.

The United Learning Curriculum has 6 core principles as follows:

Entitlement - All pupils have the right to learn what is in the United Learning curriculum, and schools have a duty to ensure that all pupils are taught the whole of it

Coherence - Taking the National Curriculum as its starting point, our curriculum is carefully sequenced so that powerful knowledge builds term by term and year by year. We make meaningful connections within subjects and between subjects

Mastery - We ensure that foundational knowledge, skills and concepts are secure before moving on. Pupils revisit prior learning and apply their understanding in new contexts

Adaptability -The core content – the ‘what’ – of the curriculum is stable, but schools will bring it to life in their own local context, and teachers will adapt lessons – the ‘how’ – to meet the needs of their own classes#

Representation - All pupils see themselves in our curriculum, and our curriculum takes all pupils beyond their immediate experience

Education with character - Our curriculum - which includes the taught subject timetable as well as spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, our co-curricular provision and the ethos and ‘hidden curriculum’ of the school – is intended to spark curiosity and to nourish both the head and the heart


Skills Progression & Curriculum Maps

The skills progression links below show the areas of learning for each subject. They detail ideas, tools and activities that help to achieve learning for the various year groups.

Art Subject Map 2022-2023  
Computing Subject Map 2022-2023 Year 1 Curriculum Map
D&T Subject Map 2022-2023 Year 2 Curriculum Map
Geography Subject Map 2022-2023 Year 3 Curriculum Map
History Subject Map 2022-2023 Year 4 Curriculum Map
Latin Subject Map 2022-2023 Year 5 Curriculum Map
Maths Subject Map 2022-2023 Year 6 Curriculum Map
Music Subject Map 2022-2023 Unified Curriculum Map
PE Subject Map 2022-2023  
Philosophy Subject Map 2022-2023  
PSHCE Subject Map 2022-2023  
RE Subject Map 2022-2023  
Reading Subject Map 2022-2023  
Science Subject Map 2022-2023  
Writing Subject Map 2022-2023