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At Longthorpe School we use a wide variety of resources to enable our pupils to become confident readers.  These include:

Foundation Stage / Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
  • Dandelion Books
  • Oxford Reading Tree – origins, phonics etc
  • Rigby star
  • Songbirds (phonics)
  • Snapdragons
  • Oxford Literacy web
  • All stars (high ability)
  • Big Cat (Collins)
  • Oxford Treetops
  • Oxford Reading tree
  • Big Cat (Collins)
  • Wolf Hill (lower attaining readers)
  • Rapid (high interest low ability)
  • Big Cat Progress (high interest low ability)

From Foundation Stage, children take home reading books linked to the Oxford Reading Tree which is our main reading scheme (or suitable phonics books from the Dandelion series). These books will have been chosen by the class teacher and will match children’s reading development. We ask parents to share these books with their children and record this reading in their child’s reading diary. Other supplementary schemes are available to cater for children’s individual needs.

Children are also able to select another reading book of their choice from the classroom libraries. This may be a book that is beyond their reading ability but might be of particular interest to the child. Children should enjoy their reading and experience the delights of choosing a book that they love reading.

Project X Code

Project X CODE is a proven reading intervention for children in Years 2–4 who are a year or more behind in their word reading. It combines phonics and comprehension development in a character adventure series.  Project X Code is a a unique two-text approach where Text 1 is 100% decodable to build confidence and develop vocabulary and Text 2 is 80% decodable to challenge children and deepen comprehension.

The School Library

There should be a balance between structured reading material and other books at each stage. We have wide range of books available to children in all classrooms and in the school library.

The library system (reading cloud and MLS Junior Librarian) allows pupils to borrow a wide range of books from sharing/picture books to non-fiction. It is organised in sections named after rivers, so teachers can guide children to a section appropriate to their ability.

  • Nene – just starting to learn to read and might need help or to share;
  • Thames – becoming more confident as a reader;
  • Nile – generally KS2 but also more-able KS1;
  • Amazon – very confident and older texts.

The non-fiction section can be borrowed by any year group. Children will soon be able to log into the reading cloud and access the e-books and review pages, as well as adding their own home library and reviews.

The Oxford Reading Tree

This is a successful reading scheme that is used in approximately 80% of primary schools nationwide.  Reading scheme books are arranged by book bands and stages and are categorised in bands of similar levels of reading difficulty. Children do not need to read every book on that level before moving on as long as the teacher is satisfied they have read a range of material at each level – e.g. fiction, non-fiction, poetry.  To find out more about this scheme and how it’s used at Longthorpe please see related documents below.

The Oxford Reading Scheme